She still claims individuality and person-hood, by a glint in the eyes, a turn of the mouth or a raise of the brows. Only a small part of her being can show how different she is from the others.  

I am writing with the light of the day for you Elham, and you Shokoh, Setare, Nona, Vensi, Shahnaz, Ziba, Shirin, Neda, Shima, Mahsa, Sogol, Fereshte, Darioush, Refahi, Sabeghi, Mahin, Jamile, Golivary, Laila, Hengame, Sharare, Shadi, Sara, Shahin, Azita, Roza, Nilofar, Bahar, Iran, Sareh, Shabnam, Nasim, Naghme, Mehregan, Farid... you will find my letter in your heart, it has many pages, full of silence.


Shenasnameh May 2016​.