"My connection with archival material is deeply personal. When I was quite young I loved to have conversations, silent conversations, with my family photographs. I loved to create memories within the photograph with the person in the photo, because I didn't have any memory or at least good memories to rewake. Old Family Albums became my magic carpet,  I could fly with my family photographs wherever I wanted with the ones who I loved and was missing.


In 2004, I visited the Golestan museum and started to work on my academic archival research for 2 years. Golestan Archives are located in central Tehran, which was once a home for Qajars, and also the king’s wives, Harem women. I decided to use some of these old historical photographs as talking points as they have unlimited things to say.  


In my practice, I decided to tell my story through the others, the others who lived in the past and their lives and stories still exist in the present. I recalled my past to realise who I am today. 

Which faces would have to be concealed behind these historical masks? I started taking photographs of people around me, whom I saw every day. In some photos there were so many masks on a face that I forget the real face. The ones hiding behind the mask of the past has many of the past attributes that I can see and feel. The masks of the past mythifies the absence and presence in my work.

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